Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Our Wedding Postcard

So if you know me personally or have been following my last few posts - you know that I eloped in Jamaica with my love the last week of January this year.

I'm not sure what Exactly qualifies as eloping, my understanding is that it's when you "run off in the night and not tell anyone"...we definitely told our parents, a couple friends, and I even let it leak to a couple clients because I knew they wouldn't tell anyone in my life-heh.  We had to keep this secret for about two months it wasn't easy :)

(The wedding was just the two of us on a beach at sunset -  everything I (err-we ;) dreamed it would be -which I will eventually post about!)

We knew we Definitely wanted to have a celebration of our marriage when we got back!
There WAS talk of waiting until summer to have a fun outdoor celebration, but there was something special about having the celebration 'within that window of excitement of it all' - ya know?

   But! We also wanted to make sure people had a good heads up and our party people didn't have alternate plans! We also wanted to book a venue and entertainment.
So yeah - It was a lil' tricky - we agreed on a 3 week heads up - meaning we would have to announce our wedding and the party like IMMEDIATELY after we leave for Jamaica (we were there for 1 week - and the party planned for two weeks after (Feb 15th!)

We mailed out "announcement postcards/Wedding party invites" 2 days before we hopped on the plane. We had a facebook event waiting in the wings for RSVPs - (which we couldn't invite anyone to until about halfway through our trip - I wanted the postcards to arrive first - oh the timing !

Anyway - the whole point of this post was to share a few design inspirations for our invites and then share OURS.  Just a couple Pinterest screenshots I loved :) Hope Jennifer Bartlett doesn't mind!

 then one day I was playing with the A Beautiful Mess App and came up with this..

but wasn't sure if anyone would find it as funny as I did

So then I did a throwback inspired one:

 I thought this was so cute but Monsieur wasn't feelin' it..

 I LOVE what I did in the end - I used our passports as a sort of a 'mugshot' inspiration
- add a filter and a doodle and text and bam!

We had them printed as postcards which I thought would be fun but also because the idea of cards and envelope just adds more work!

Which reminds me, this year (well, last) was the first time we sent out Christmas cards to everyone - you know - like grownups. It was my sneaky plan to collect all the addresses of everyone I wanted to send our wedding party announcement to.  (remember we knew since November we'd be getting married!) Also - I bought teeny chocolate bars for every single card ! It was a long and pricey process but I loved every minute of it! And look forward to doing so again This year (our first xmas card as married folk - teehee! I'm such a newlywed still.)

the GOOD Bridgehead Fair Trade kinda chocolate ;)

I just went through all our Christmas photos which now makes me want to do a Christmas post even though it's spring (but let me tell the weather continues to feel like Christmas unfortunately! (not including our ONE freak hot day this week)


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Screenshot Wedding Inpiration

 So I had to keep our wedding a secret for at least two months - eventually I let it leak to a couple close friends because well - come on! I would screenshot inspirational photos from pinterest for wedding dresses and 'wedding poses' I never got around to properly cropping the screenshots but it looks kinda cool, non? So here's my collection - 
Okay let's get our romance and twinkly lights and pastels on!

(the ol' Play n' Scroll!)

 I'm only slightly obsessed with Miranda Kerr.
I definitely wanted a beachy vibe since we were getting married on the beach!
I've never imagined a big expensive gown for myself so I bought 3 (yes 3 - hah!) super affordable F21 dresses and yep- I brought all 3 to Jamaica and decided last minute...
but deep down I think I always knew THIS was the one - I just loved the idea of sleeves. (Yes sleeves in 25 degree weather haha)

 my grandparents (on my mum's side) on their wedding day - 1935 
This hangs in our bedroom and I feel so blessed because I got grandma's simple vintage wedding rings. (don't you just LOVE this frame!)

Friday, 21 March 2014

Jamaica in January

So it's offically Spring ya'll. It still doesn't feel like it here in Ottawa.
What a perfect day to reminisce about our tropical getaway during the last week of January!
And it wasn't just any vacation - we decided to get hitched ! On the beach ! Only a dream of mine Forever! I never imagined a church or big wedding just a simple beach ceremony just the two of us.
Eloping and not telling anyone just seemed right for us. We're grateful to have 'less-traditional' families that didn't mind 'not being included'. And of course we had an awesome celebration two weeks after we got back so we could celebrate with everyone.  But I digress! The wedding photos and the party will be blogged about in the (near?) future, but TODAY is "vacation focused"

We stayed at Sunset at the Palms in Negril - which I totally recommend if you're looking to avoid those massive cesspool resorts and want a more boutique-y, quiet, green space. Here's what the rooms look like:


 So cute right? So yea, upon our return we felt like we never wanted to hear Bob Marley again but after a nice long break, I'm happy to share one of my favourite tunes for you to enjoy whilst scrolling!

Mostly warm and sunny - so lush and green - a couple rainy afternoons & stormy nights - didn't bother me one bit! it was 25-30 degrees C everyday!

lots and lots of chilling & relaxing : I was obsessed with the daybed on our balcony.  Even though it was 'vacation',  I did my best to stay dedicated to daily breathwork and meditation - because it feels amazing and I wanted to :D little peepeeps (birds) would stop and visit..
This catamaran tour was definitely a highlight (aka booze cruise) this was one of two day trips- one on the books, one off (the Real Jamaica tour ;) ..Nights we're mostly mingling and drinks and jacuzzi time! What do you think of my 'unconventional engagement ring shot' with the eyelash curler?

We ate so well, I can't remember the last time I ate 3 full meals a day for so many days in a row! And yes to lattes by the pool !

 This trip I was practicing 'enjoying the moment' and didn't take many photos at all! (and by that I mean..maybe 25 pics when normally I may take hundreds) Another reason for my lack of photos is that I was more focused on capturing video footage if anything -I knew I wanted to make a vacation/wedding movie when we got home. (which i did - and love and will share eventually!) 
Moments worth Remembering ! :
-being greeted at the resort with fruit juice and cool towels what?
-that first lunch where Chris couldn't wait to reveal that he 'thinks we're 'ready for a cat'.
-Leo from the coffee bar (Chriiiis & Chriiiiistine!)
-"Mellow Yellow" was my jam (malibu rum & pineapple juice)
-meeting 'MelEric' (and Marissa ;) an awesome couple from Ottawa that we keep meaning to get together with! (wtf guys?)
-our wedding day obviously that goes without saying!
-That 'real Jamaica' tour with Brent
- swimming & body surfing in the sea 
-That catamaran tour (especially on the way home)
-Jacuzzi nights
-That karaoke night  ('king of the road' and our first duet ' folsom prison blues')
 - Chris gave his guitar tuner to a local serenader when he noticed him tuning his guitar with a harmonica.  He was over the moon-musician bonding moment for sure - swoon!
-Oh yeah! And this guy I met at breakfast on the second last day!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Last Days of February

A collection of things from the last week of February or so...

Remember Romeo & Juliet circa 1996?! - still one of my all time favourites and I've recently resurrected the EPIC soundtrack that goes with it.  ((it's been so long since my last post - I eloped in January and am now officially married to my love which I will obviously save for another post but the wedding and choosing wedding songs was the original reason the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack even crossed my mind again!)) 
So, yeah! Here is one of our wedding songs for you to enjoy whilst scrolling through 
"The last days of February"

So lately I've developed a habit of  'screen-shotting' anything and everything that inspires me - mostly on Instagram. Here is a collection of things that stirred my creative fires!

 @modcloth (gahh I live for pastel dreaminess )
@modcloth (again!)

Meanwhile in real life...
 Niece Lovin' !
one crazy hour of impromptu puppy sitting !
A morning of nature with this crazy goddess that I love - grateful to spend my time with those that inspire & lift my heart !!!
 We had a fun sledding adventure which I hadn't done in yeeeears and unfortunately it resulted in a neck injury which obviously called for a dramatic selfie on instagram:

but honestly it lasted a week,  I learned a lot and now that I am pain free and have my full range of motion again I am so grateful!

 at Bridgehead coffeeshop with my hubbs (saying husband is still very strange to me)
 A 'one month married' surprise. The theme? Jamaica (where we got hitched!) wine, pineapple and plantain chips yum!
a collection of newlywed bliss ((sighh))

Also, I was inspired by this post by Emma of A Beautiful Mess ! ((let's be real, everything they do inspires me))
and this post made my heart swell times a million.

Spring where the fahhhhhh are you? 
I've been dreaming about last year's yurt adventure we simply Must do it again! I'd love to make it a "spring thaw tradition" 

Also, we want to get a cat soon, or as I've been saying "fur baby" - we think we're ready.

Ahhh it feels so good to blog again for real! I'm currently spending two days with my BFF we've honestly been happily productive - working all day on our computers (with breaks!) we're both used to working alone I guess we just keep inspiring each other to keep going!

Hopefully I post again soon - there is so much to catch up on!!!
 getting married on the beach like I've always dreamed
ocean, pastels, sunset, salty wavy hair !