Sunday, 13 July 2014

36 hours in Key Largo

 tired aiplane selfie (no filter ;)

For my husband's (!still feels weird to say) birthday this year (back in May! forever with the delayed blogging) I surprised him with a whirlwind trip to Key Largo, Florida.  It was a long long winter here and our January getaway felt like forever ago.. when we left it was about 20 degrees C in Ottawa and almost 30 C in Key Largo. So not a crazy difference but I think it was much cooler when I booked the trip.

It was a crazy late night Visa situation. Could I afford it not really - but sometimes you just gotta 'yolo' it am I right?  I found this 'deal' which involved all kinds of flight connections. 
We would fly to Miami, FL and figure out a shuttle bus situation to the Keys - and then stay at this 'affordable 2 star off the highway for (almost) two days. Bayside Inn Key Largo!

So it was a Saturday night and my love had just come home from being out - so he was feeling good and it was about 2AM (we had to leave for our early flight to Miami around 4am and he had no idea yet - so fun right?) He knew I asked him to clear his schedule until tuesday - .He later told me he had assumed we'd be going to the Caves in Gatineau - something nearby - and at one point expressed concern that I was going drag him off to some 'silent yoga retreat' - hah!  He was very cool about everything - he said he was cool with whatever as long as could drink beers and play guitar

So after a complex blind-folded game of 'guess where we're going' we were off on our adventure (we had so much fun but in hindsight: would we do it again? probably not! the travel time was practically equal to the hotel time)  But be sure to checkout the lil' video I made at the end!)

play n' scroll!
 trippy wing

I heart terra cotta roofs - you know you're somewhere warm when

oops! 2 hours until the next Keys shuttle :S

Things I wanna remember:

-our sarcastic and very hard to understand shuttle bus driver
-'Scrappy' - the hotel mascot
 -having the pool pretty much to ourselves all day
-meeting that only other couple at the pool : it was also his birthday and she surprised him too! I snapped an instax of them and gave it to them as a memento :)
-'Snooks' the restaurant next door - known for celebrating the sunset every night - one lucky person gets to 'sound the horn' by pulling a rope 
-that sunset though- there was a feeling in the air, everyone got up and snapped photos of it, of each other, I honestly got overwhelmed with gratitude. 
-that liquor depot that sold everything you could ever imagine - I indulged in a pre-mixed malibu rum drink in a bag (yep - with a faucet!) and a 3pack of cigarellos (a spur of the moment thing - I don't smoke normally!)
-just doing nothing with my love! 
-that crazy flight home : Miami > NYC>TO>OTTAWA

 I am officially obsessed with palm trees - probably because they don't grow where I live and they represent vacation, warmth, beach, etc! I actually got a palm tree tattoo not long ago I will have to share soon :)

let the day drinking begin - happy birthday my love!

 and because y'all are dying to know what I wore ;P
obsessed with that white romper! tennis anyone?


vacation video :)

psst: they may both be playing at the same time: it's the same song as above but you may want to scroll to top and pause the first one (!) enjoy!

ORRRR :open it in a new tab?

Monday, 7 July 2014

Canoe Camping !

For the 3rd year in a row - a group of us enjoyed Lac La Peche in Quebec. 
It was the last weekend of June and the weather was seriously perfect!

It's this peninsula we get all to ourselves - and a fairly easy canoe ride in ( I wanna say 5km?)
The tents get pitched in the back and I must admit the mosquitos were relentless but way better out on the 'communal rock' I call it - out of the woods leading into the water -where we spend all our time anyway - fire, chilling, music, swimming! I made a little video you can checkout at the end and get a visual of our sweet surroundings. Still really into making lil' iMovies of basically any getaway :)

 early mornings alone
day drinking and lake dips
food n' food n' food..
naps n' naps n' naps..
no agenda
room to breathe
soak it all in!


Friday, 16 May 2014

Wedding Ceremony sur la Plage

Here are some of our favourite wedding photos - I was going to choose a song from our ceremony but I chose this (below)  because I've been kind of obsessed with it lately - and I just love the lyrics (I've always been a lyrics gal !) I thought about turning this into a two-parter but wanted photos to last as long as song - so yea - scroll slowly and get ready for a whole lotta US ;)

 play n' scroll ! 

Every day I am so grateful that I was given my grandma's wedding rings :)  I decided on wearing the engagement ring on my right hand for the ceremony so that he could just put the band on a bare finger - felt more symbolic - then I just snuck the engagement ring back onto my left and on top of the band during all the document signing!
my mum crocheted these "barefoot sandals" as well as the little things in my hair :) She gave them to me white and I stained them with black tea to match my dress :) As far as everything else I decided to let go of (most control) and let them decide everything (!) all I said for this bouquet was "how bout some baby blue" and look how cute!
our witnesses were simply resort staff.. they probably do it all the time but we'll always remember them!
I just love our ceremony photos - they are beachy pastel dream ! It's honestly all a blur thank goodness for photos & video right?
After cake and champagne we started our epic photo shoot as the sun set. 
It was fun and awkward and full of love!  Today I'm sharing the absolute favourites which is .. a lot :)
   thanks again to sunset at the palms for an awesome wedding !